What Others Think In Me

“I cannot decide whose thoughts I’ll hear and when I’ll hear them. If you’re close enough to me, I’ll hear you. […] What others think in me, is not me. Identifying that which has gurgled up from within is the great challenge of my life.”

The hero of What Others Think in Me can hear the thoughts of those around him—but is unable to discern which thoughts belong to him, and which belong to others. Does he crave pizza, or does his neighbor? Is he frightened, or did a man down the road slip near the edge of a cliff? To avoid this onslaught of thoughts, he lives in isolation.

Now, someone is killing mind readers, one by one. Those who remain have no choice but to come together to protect themselves. But is their isolated retreat safe? Since mind readers are unable to read each other’s minds, any one of them could be the hunter—or the hunted.

What Others Think in Me masterfully explores questions we all face: To what extent are our thoughts really ours? To what degree do we hear—in the depths of our consciousness—the wishes and fears of others? In Blum’s mesmerizing story, these become questions of life or death.