The Coincidence Makers

What if the drink you just spilled, the train you just missed, or the lottery ticket you just found was not just a random occurrence? What if it’s all part of a bigger plan? What if there’s no such thing as a chance encounter? What if there are people we don’t know determining our destiny? And what if they are even planning the fate of the world?

Enter the Coincidence Makers—Guy, Emily, and Eric—three seemingly ordinary people who work for a secret organization devoted to creating and carrying out coincidences. What the rest of the world sees as random occurrences, are, in fact, carefully orchestrated events designed to spark significant changes in the lives of their targets—scientists on the brink of breakthroughs, struggling artists starved for inspiration, loves to be, or just plain people like you and me…

When an assignment of the highest level is slipped under Guy’s door one night, he knows it will be the most difficult and dangerous coincidence he’s ever had to fulfill. But not even a coincidence maker can see how this assignment is about to change all their lives and teach them the true nature of fate, free will, and the real meaning of love.

Part thriller, part mystery, part love story—Kirkus calls this genre-bending novel “a smart, unpredictable, and heartfelt adventure story.” 

Blum rides the delicate balance between the world of the truly unbelievable and the universe you can see if you squint your eyes just right – Publisher Weekly

…exhibits delightful flavors of Haruki Murakami and Kurt Vonnegut, and, like the work of those two writers, conceals tragedy and philosophical substance beneath its frothy surface. – Paul Di Filippo, for Locus Magazine

Artfully blending elements of thriller, romance, and fantasy in a beautiful prose, Blum’s novel is a flight of imagination that will echo in readers’ minds long after the last pages have been turned. —Booklist, Starred Review

Blum immerses readers in an adventurous supernatural world, one that dramatically investigates the tenuous scrim between fantasy and reality, the living and the dead. — Shelf Awareness

I loved this completely engaging, entirely original, sneakily wise and romantic book.  Reading this novel feels as if you are in the presence of an incredibly charming, smart, and sweet friend who is spinning an inventive and heartfelt tale just for you, to enthrall you, keep you guessing, and make you think a bit more deeply about your life. – Sharon Guskin, bestselling author of The ForgettingTime 

THE COINCIDENCE MAKERS is a sly, smart tale about Fate, Free Will, and why our lives end up where they do. Reminiscent of Calvino and Philip K. Dick – Bestselling author Jonathan Carrol

You’ll never feel the same about coincidences one you read this startlingly fresh novel.  – NYT bestselling author Charlaine Harris

The best speculative fiction encourages the reader to explore new territory and think new thoughts.  The Coincidence Makers does both but is it speculative?  Is it even fiction?  This brilliant novel by Yoav Blum almost deserves to have a new category named for it.  Reader, beware!  You stand at the edge of a truth you may never have suspected.  – Morgan Llywelyn, bestselling author of The Horse Goddess
Listen to an excerpt from the English audiobook:


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